Legal requirements

Legal requirements for the husbandry of poultry in Austria

Parameters for the minimum statutory requirements for laying hens in Austria:
  •     prohibition of battery cages from 01/01/2009
  •     permission of furnished cages until 01/01/2020
  •     beak trimming has been „practically“ disestablished
  •     deep litter system: 7 to 9 hens/ m². 9 hens with multiple levels (aviary systems)
  •     deep litter/aviary systems: order for perches
  •     deep litter/aviary systems: at least 1/3rd litter area, otherwise manure pit
  •     deep litter/aviary systems: max. 6000 hens/barn hall
  •     free range systems: at least 8m² /hen free range area. „Animal welfare proofed quality“ 10 m² 
  •     fattening/mast: 22 to 24 chicks/m2 or 30 kg/ m2

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