Management / Husbandry

(Horned) Goats in loose housing

Species-appropriate husbandry of horned as well as hornless goats requires a calm herd, stable groups and a well-structured pen. Management (handling, feeding) and pen construction (equipment, structure) are the main factors for success.

In general, hornless goats have the same needs as horned goats. However, horned goats, especially in crowded conditions, can inflict serious injuries and open wounds on their pen mates.

Pen construction:

  • clear separation of lying and feeding areas
  • no dead ends
  • sufficiently large lying area – depending on herd size, 1.5 to >2.5 m2 per animal (10% free space recommended)
  • enough feeding places (10% free places)
  • feed barriers that allow a rapid exit (palisade headlock gates)
  • individual stalls for does in heat, sick goats, or newcomers

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