Management / Pasture

Prerequisites for keeping goats on pasture

  • fence height at least 1.2 m
  • electric fence with four strands (good conductivity), or five strands for kids
  • avoid electric netting, never use netting for kids (use strands and wires because horned animals do not get caught in them, and wild animals can pass them easily)
  • for areas near the farm, connect to electricity from the house and install fixed posts and fixed wires
  • for wire-netting fences and regular fixed fences, install an internal electric strand to prevent goats from climbing
  • slow transition from pen feeding to pasture grazing; add grass to regular feed or start with hourly grazing
  • divide the pasture, and allow at least 6 weeks for vegetation to recover between each grazing period
  • offer accessible shelter or shaded area, can be mobile or natural (trees)
  • ensure sufficient water supply

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