Pet rabbits

Group composition

Single housing of rabbits is strictly to be rejected. The grouping can sometimes be very challenging, though. This is because some rabbits can be quite picky when it comes to partners or group members. The grouping can also be difficult, if animals were previously kept alone. In general, establishing groups is easier in the first weeks of life. It is recommended to keep at least three animals in a shared enclosure. Then there is more time to integrate a new animal, in case one of the animals dies. Recommended group constellations are a castrated male and two females, or two castrated males and two to four females. Also pair housing (one castrated male and a female) usually works. Further, keeping groups of females only is possible. However, in this constellation, sometimes aggression problems can occur.

In case of signs of incompatibility, always potential underlying medical causes (e.g., pain) should be ruled out. In addition, the housing conditions must be assessed and possibly optimized (space allowance, structuring, unhindered access to resources, enrichment etc.). In case of sudden incompatibility between females, the integration of a castrated male and/or spaying the females sometimes helps.

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